Experience agritourism at Bemarivo River

North of the city of Sambava, 17 kms on the road to Vohémar, is the 140km long Bemarivo River bordered by fields of exotic products and spices, including vanilla. "Hangitry Bemarivo" translates to "Scent of Bemarivo".
The tour of the Bemarivo River is a full day trip that begins with the discovery of the lives of local residents and their plantations. This is "Agritourism" because the residents form a cooperative called "VOLAMAITSO" or "GREEN SILVER" which offers visitors to discover the exotic products of the SAVA region such as coffee, cocoa, clove, pepper, cinnamon and vanilla. These cultures are the economic heart of Madagascar.
The tour to the descent of the Bemarivo river lasts 3 hours. The descent of Bemarivo can be done in two ways: for lovers of quiet walks, in a flat-bottomed metal canoe, and for the more athletic, kayaking. During the tour, enjoy the vegetation, visit the village of Antsakajoy and its coffee plantations, scenes of daily life of artisan farmers ...
Count on a good day of strolling. Picnic on the banks.
After the descent of the river, the tour continues with a short walk to stretch your legs, then crossing the coconut grove of the Soavoanio, 13 km by motorcycle taxi. Finally, the tour ends with a small boat trip to Lavatsiraka to reach the city of Sambava.
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Useful Information


When to go

As the Bemarivo River is in the Sambava district, their climate is the same. Precipitation is abundant on average throughout the year and peaks in February-March.


How to get there

For your trip, the company Air Madagascar serves Sambava by regular flights. To go to the Bemarivo river you can go there by taxi or by car.


Where to stay

For a warm and friendly trip, stay at the Carrefour Paradise Hotel Restaurant or the Las Palmas Hotel, enjoyed by travellers who stay in Sambava. The hotel will offer you good entertainment during your stay.


Where to eat

To eat, the hotels listed just before are the best in Sambava. These restaurants offer various European and Malagasy specialities.


What to see

Apart from the Bemarivo river, do not forget to visit the richness of the monuments on site but also the farmers who gather in cooperatives for more benefits, and not also not forgetting the coconut grove of Soavoanio.

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