The Tsarabanjina Island: "The Beautiful"

Nobody has yet experienced the paradise, but there surely might be similarities to Nosy Tsarabanjina, a beautiful isolated island in the middle of the ocean, located off the north-west of Madagascar. It is part of a myriad of small islettes that form the Archipelago Mitsio and is considered the most beautiful of them all.
Nosy Tsarabanjina, sacred land of Sakalava, is a mountainous island concentrated on twenty hectares. The white sandy beaches are lined with palm trees and its very clear blue waters never seem to end. Coral reefs have formed sumptuous shapes to make the environment even more fascinating. With lush vegetation, the shady paths give it an undeniable charm.
Several species of birds take refuge in the rocks where frigates, hens and cormorants cohabit marvelously well and highlight the enchanting side of the island. Improbable but true, there are also baobabs, the most remarkable plant species of Madagascar, emblem of Malagasy flora.
It is the ideal place to escape the daily grind and relax completely. You have the feeling of being alone with the world, while knowing that is an option of many activities (scuba diving, walks in the heart of nature, boat trips, etc.). A dream!
This article was featured in Prime Magazine July 2018

Useful Information


When to go

Avoid the hurricane period between the end of January and March and focus on the months from May to October. It is the best time to enjoy a wonderful stay in the sun.


How to get there

Take an Air Madagascar flight to Nosy Be or drive from Antananarivo to Nosy Be. From there, calculate with two hours by boat to reach Tsarabanjina Island while admiring the seabed off the coast. Ferrying is recommended before 3 pm, as the sea becomes more stormy afterwards.


Where to stay

A bucolic place awaits you at "Constance Tsarabanjina Hotelé. Even barefoot, luxury is guaranteed. A breathtaking setting, luxurious bungalows and all-inclusive services. Another recommendation is "the Vanilla Hotel" of Nosy Be. Both traditional and chic infrastructure and a very professional and attentive staff for a perfect stay.


Where to eat

"The Constance Tsarabanjina Hotel" concocts dishes, of course, based on fresh seafood, but also invites to discover local flavors. European dishes also à la carte. At "Nosy Lodge", impeccably gourmet dishes are served in a relaxing atmosphere.


What to see

Around Nosy Tsarabanjina are the other islands of the Mitsio Archipelago which is a group of virgin islands. The main island is the Great Mitsio. It is home to fishing villages and paradisiacal beaches with white sand and warm, transparent water. The Nosy Tolholo is located between the Great Mitsio and Tsarabanjina, it is the kingdom of the grouper-fish. Visit also "The Four Brothers", a line of rocks with little vegetation but home to thousands of birds, caves and caves open to visitors.

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